While most of this book is dedicated strictly to gemstones it is obvious that most gemstones will wind up in some form of jewelry. A great number of our customers design their own jewelry from the gems they purchase. Whole books have been dedicated to the topic of jewelry design. However, in this book we .pave only the space of a single chapter in which to discuss the enjoyable enterprise of design. Since we have only the space of a single chapter it is not our intention to go into all the intricacies of jewelry design. Our goal is simply to give you some basic ideas and guidelines so that if the design bug happens to give you a bite you might have a bit of knowledge and the courage to go forth and design some wonderful jewelry. Designing is interesting and fun in a lot of ways in that it is an act of creation. It gives a person the chance to bring into being something which has not previously existed prior to the act of creation. In looking up the dictionary definition of design it is “to invent and bring into being”. Designing can be easy for some. Certain people find the act of creation relatively easy. While there are other people for whom creation is not a realistic alternative. It is our contention that most people fall somewhere in between these two extremes and that in fact more people would be creating more of their own jewelry designs given the opportunity to obtain the materials and to simply believe they are capable.


        One of the big aids in this venture is believing in yourself. We would like to encourage people to believe in their ability to design jewelry. We had an interesting occurrence not too long ago with a customer who had been buying some loose stones from us. She designed a pendant for her daughter. The starting point of the piece was a double triangle cut blue topaz in which she had visualized the sails of a sail boat. With the aid of a goldsmith a design was realized with a gold sail boat and blue topaz sails. It is a very effective design. However, in talking to her after the fact she indicated that despite all the compliments she got for the design work she decided to quit while she was ahead. In your own case even if you decide to design something only one time we believe that once is better than no times. But who knows, you may decide to make jewelry design a new hobby. For many of us design is every bit as much fun as collecting and owning loose gemstones.