II : GEMS AND JEWELRY (Continued…)


        Even before you sit down and attempt to put a design to paper there is a lot you can do to prepare yourself for that moment. The first thing you can do is to become observant about design. You can begin to look at other jewelry designs with a more critical eye. What do you see that you like? What do you see that you do not like? What specifically is it you see that you do and do not like? It is virtually impossible to be out and about in the company of people and not see jewelry. Jewelry is so basic to our society that virtually everybody wears some kind of jewelry. Of course there is the old standby–the mall. Almost everybody goes to shopping centers where you can observe not only the jewelry in the store windows but also the jewelry worn by the mall patrons themselves. So, jewelry is all around us. The opportunity to see what we like and do not like is there.

        You can begin to categorize your observations. There are sizes, shapes, colors, textures. Observe if there is movement in the pieces you notice — especially neck wear. See about the balance and proportion of the pieces you observe. During the observing phase you can begin to discern what your general likes and dislikes are.