II : GEMS AND JEWELRY (Continued…)


        In addition to our sense of fashion due to our personality we can get into certain categories that already exist within the jewelry world. Categories that might evoke a sense of recognition are: casual, romantic, classic traditional, ethnic, historical. Whether we are aware of it or not each of us has our own personal sense of style, partly based on our personality, partly based on our sense of esthetics, partly based on our sense of social standing. There are literally thousands of products available to us on a daily basis that can affect our personal style. These products are comprised of many categories, from make-up, apparel, or scents, to jewelry. These products when taken as a whole become a rather full expression of ourselves and are a sign of our own preferred style. While we may belong to a particular social or ethnic group and have in a sense defined our personal style broadly along those lines, each individual has their own very specific style that is their own. The point of this is that when you are designing your own jewelry, in addition to observing outwardly, it is good to look at one’s own style. It is good if possible to look at oneself from a more objective standpoint in order to assess one’s overall look. What is it we’ve been working toward all these years with all the choices we’ve made from all the products we’ve mentioned. Despite all the choices available a person tends to find themselves opting for a few of the available choices. We do this on a regular basis and create a pattern. For instance, buying only a few of the available perfumes and· leaving the other ones alone. In terms of makeup, people find themselves using certain colors and certain products and leaving others alone. The same holds true for clothing. People tend to shop at certain stores and not go into other stores. This even gets specific enough that a person may shop only in certain departments of a given store and not go into the other departments.

        Through years and years of experimentation each of us comes to a point of having our own style. So, when it comes to the act of creating, our own designs should somehow reflect the sense of style that we have and with which we are comfortable. On the other hand our designs might want to reflect a sense of style to which we aspire. In either case it makes sense to know enough about ones existing sense of style in order to be consistent with it or to move away from it in a controlled manner. This will he us make creations with which we are satisfied in the long run. Self evaluation with regards to style can help us figure out what it is we like about what we’ve been doing and what we do not like about our past choices.