II : GEMS AND JEWELRY (Continued…)


In addition to evaluating your personal sense of style and how it is involved with your personality another issue is your jewelry wardrobe. Undoubtedly you already have a jewelry wardrobe. Of course, those of us who love gems and jewelry always consider the state of our jewelry wardrobe to be incomplete. There is always something new and wonderful just around the corner. However, a certain amount of evaluation here can help in the design process.

        A look at one’s lifestyle can be a help in creating a useful jewelry collection. Are you a traveler, a teacher, an art1st a home maker, an opera singer, a lawyer, a policeman, a flight attendant. Each of these lifestyles may require a different jewelry wardrobe. Then too, in addition to our vocation each of us has a certain amount of free time and certain patterns of how we spend that time. Appropriate choices to go with one’s lifestyle can make jewelry more useable and functional. On the other hand we can get back to what we touched on before about making changes in ones life and using jewelry to facilitate those changes. Jewelry can be an incentive for yourself to make a change and an outward statement to others. Maybe there is a particular social event in which you would like to participate but never felt your jewelry wardrobe would stand the test. Perhaps your new jewelry esiJgns can help change that for you. So we have not only the lifestyle you live but the lifestyle you aspire to as considerations.